How long will my balloon stay afloat? 

This is dependant on the type and size of the balloon. Latex is a natural material so it is generally porous and generally has a short float time, however we use the miracle Hi Float in most of our balloons! What is this Hi Float we speak of? Hi Float is a magic solution which coats the inside of the balloon preventing the helium escaping.

For a both The BIG one and Small(ER) you can generally see a float time of between 2 - 3 days. This will also be dependent on the amount of wording and weight in the tail as these will add weight to the balloon bringing it down. If you have no writing or tail weight they can last 4 - 6 days (hot tip - take the tail decoration off to keep your balloon longer). Balloon delivered in a box can also be a bit precious and it can shorten the timeframe, meaning they don't always survive longer than 2 days.

After a few days you will notice that the writing will start to wrinkle slightly as the balloon slowly goes through its ageing process. Even though we give it the best of the best cream balloons can't escape getting wrinkles and if you are careful you can lift and smooth or remove the vinyl to keep them looking tip top for a little longer.

We 100% recommend you organise delivery the day you require the balloon for optimal Insta worthy picture time! We long a boomerang balloon Insta story!

Ensure you keep your balloon as per the instructions below. 

Confetti balloons

We supply confetti balloons and we love them as they look so pretty! However, (code for the fancy 'but') these are a little harder to stay afloat due to the weight of the confetti and also because its harder to spread the Hi Float in them which may result in more helium escaping.  

The bad news - if you want the loose confetti look for your balloon we are unable to use the Hi Float as it will cause the confetti to stick to the walls of the balloon. Generally these will only have a float time of around 4 to 8 hours so it is best to inflate these as close as possible to the time of your event. If we use Hi Float the float time extends to between 12 to 24 hours.

Foil balloons 

The foil balloons are the winner at holding helium as they are non porous! With these balloons the helium escapes from the valve rather than the surface of the balloon. These can float for 2 to 3 weeks or more, record has been 5 weeks!

They will still go through the aging process and become a little softer and baggier but they are definitely the last ones to leave the party.

Taking care of your balloon 

All helium inflated balloons are sensitive creatures to both hot and cold temperatures. They will expand and contract depending on the temperature in the room. Its best to kept in a cool place, out of direct heat or sunlight, hot cars and hot storage rooms and always keep them away from sharp objects!

Sometimes there are faults and sometimes the worst will occur with a burst or fault in the balloon.

Please contact us the day of delivery if you have any issues and we will always try to get this replaced ASAP for you! 


The latex balloons we use are all sourced from sustainable rubber tree plantations and are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Most people think that latex balloons are plastic but they are actually a natural substance made from the sap of a rubber tree (like condoms!).

Our latex balloons will biodegrade over time. All balloons should be popped and disposed of responsibly.

We will NOT supply balloons for a balloon release and we ask that you never, ever release balloons into the sky, they like to stay grounded. 

Is pick up available? 

Absolutely and we can offer a cheaper price for pick up's.

We are located in the southern suburbs and you are welcome to come and pick up your balloon/s!

Courier service

We work with a local courier who will take great care with your package once its left our premises, however accidents can happen - we will always try and fix the issue for you!

We endeavour to get your gift delivered as quickly as possible, however we cannot guarantee an exact time for the delivery, but we do our best to get there as per your request.

We will deliver your balloon to the address nominated on your order.

Please, please please ensure you provide us with the recipient's name, company name, hospital name, delivery address (please ensure this is correct) and contact phone number. This will ensure the gift is sent to the correct person in the quickest possible time. 

Balloons delivered to offices, large companies, hospitals or schools will be left at reception if the recipient is unable to collect it themselves.

Balloons will be left at the front door for residential addresses if no one is home.

If the recipient is not in when the balloon gift is delivered and our courier service cannot safely leave the parcel, we will contact you regarding a re-delivery time.  

Please note: In the event that the delivery address is incorrect or the recipient is not at the address provided, a re-direction fee of $30.00 will be charged.

Do you offer normal sized balloons?

You bet we do!  We can custom print your logo, age, or special message fill them with helium, or not, and deliver them for you! You will need to order a minimum of 25 and have a minimum of 5 business days lead in time.

Contact us for a quote, again we can't stress how much we love you sliding into our DM's.